After spending over a year trying to avoid economy bangers and ridiculous egg situations on my search for the ultimate fry up I am still hungry for more. Having eaten breakfast it is now time for lunch, Sunday roast to be precise. Join me as I try out different roast dinners, I will be trying everything from civilised restaurant's to rowdy pubs and supermarket cafe's to stack it high carverys. It's a difficult job but someone has to do it so join me on my search for roast dinner perfection!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Cottage - Norwich

9 Silver Road

Sunday roast served 12pm till 3pm

The Cottage can be found on Silver Road off Barrack Street.

  Inside it is quite spacious with a beer garden to the rear.

 It is very traditional with plenty of board games and real ales available.

 The cutlery and salt and pepper arrived first followed by...

 An excellent selection of sauces!

 We went for the turkey option so a good amount of cranberry sauce was a welcome sight.

 This is how the dinner arrived with plenty of meat and 2 types of potato.

 A fairly good vegetable selection arrived next.

 The meat was moist and the thick gravy delicious.

The huge yorkshire was cooked just right.

 With everything on the plate I couldn't wait to get started.

It has been over 5 months since I have been out for a roast dinner and this section of the blog was gathering dust. We were originally hoping to go to The Cottage for a fry up but discovered they were available on Saturdays only, it was Sunday so why not go and have a roast dinner there instead we thought...

Upon entering - Inside it is a very traditional pub with a bar in the centre and plenty of tables to choose from. At the rear is a decent sized beer garden that looked good to sit in during the warmer months. Lots of pictures, trinkets and photos can be found on the walls along with a good selection of board games stacked on a shelf. It was nice and warm with a welcoming feel, a really nice place to sit and spend some time in. Ask at the bar what roast are available, place your order and pay. Once you are seated cutlery, sauces and eventually the food will be bought over to your table. 8/10

Service - We were the first through the door but got off to a slow start having inquired what roasts were available and then waiting for others to be served before finding out. This was quite frustrating as we watched another family place their food order and a chap sample 5 real ales before we finally found out was available. Once the food was ordered though the service was great and the lady serving us was friendly. First the cutlery was bought along with some salt and pepper followed by 4 different sauces, we requested ketchup (I love it on a roast dinner as does my lovely wife!) and some cranberry sauce. The food all arrived in good time and once we had finished our plates were cleared and we were asked "was everything ok" 7/10

Type of roast - Ready served with shared vegetables.

Meats available - Beef, pork or turkey.

Contents - Turkey and cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, new potato, stuffing ball, yorkshire pudding, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage and gravy. 8/10

Vegetable portions - 1 large bowl of vegetables between 2 people, I did wonder whether a person ordering on their own would get this same portion but I always wonder this when going out for a roast dinner. The vegetables in the bowl were plenty though and the cauliflower and broccoli florets came in pairs so easy to share. On the plate were 2 large roast potatoes and 1 large new potato, I liked having both types.  7/10

Presentation - On the main plate a huge island of meat was surrounded by a sea of gravy, surrounding the island sat the potatoes and stuffing ball and giant yorkshire pudding. In the vegetable dish everything sat neatly huddled together and the sauces sat in their little sections with the spoons all facing exactly the same way. Everything looked fantastic and cooked nicely, it was time to tuck in! 9/10

The food - Chunky slices of delicious and moist turkey breast with a tasty stuffing ball. The roast potatoes were crispy on the outside with a soft and fluffy centre, the boiled new potato was perfectly cooked with a great taste. The yorkshire pudding was excellent with a decent crunch and nice soft bottom edge. All the vegetables that arrived in the bowl were perfectly cooked, full of colour and tasted great. 8/10

Gravy and sauces - A great selection of apple, mint, horseradish and cranberry sauce as well as mustard and ketchup were all available and the gravy was thick and rich with a great taste. 8/10

Veggie option - Nut roast was available as an option.

Value for money - All the roast dinners cost £6.95 which is a great price considering how nice they are and you won't leave still feeling hungry. 8/10

Overall - A decent selection of delicious roasts are available in this traditional pub at a great price. The staff are friendly and the environment is nice so definetly one to visit if you are thinking of going out for a roast dinner in Norwich. 8/10


  1. Excited about this new blog! May you please inspect
    -The Belle Vue just off of Dereham Road
    -The Garden House on Pembroke Road
    - Farmer Brown's in Tombland
    - The York Tavern

    As I am obsessed with Sunday roast and would like to hear what you think about all these places!!

  2. I will happily inspect these places, I don't get round to roast dinners as often as fry ups but will be sure to give them a look eventually.

  3. Highly recommend The Belle Vue for their Sunday Carvery.

    At £7.99 a head it is top draw, with the roast potatoes in particular being of a very good standard.